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These next two weeks are utter chaos for me. It’s officially midterm which means, I’ve basically gone under ground and wont really resurface until my pile of work is finished. When I look at the heap of work that was laid out for me when the week began, I find a little comfort in knowing that some of it is completed. By the time next friday comes, I will have completed 4 papers, averaging 4 pages minimum, taken a test I can’t find time to study for, finished a statistics project that was supposed to be an in class group project (that I missed due to both little man and I being to sick to leave the house), and given Little Man his fourth birthday party. Oh, and prepped the hours of work needed to get ready for my OB clinical. I know it will get done. I just hope and pray that the end result is what I am truly capable of. I don’t really like to have so much piled on at once, but I hope what comes out of this all is at least a small reflection of the quality work I am fully capable of doing. Worst comes to worst? I can know for sure that the sun will rise and set against my will until next friday arrives, and midterms will finally be over.

Well, that is the update for now… back to the under ground for more…Happy Birthday sweet little man.