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I have come to terms with the fact that by some definitions, I am a Witch.  It is something to be proud of, shout from the roof tops if you will.  Being a Witch is a title we should wear like a badge of honor to model for our daughters and those who will come after us.  But, by whose definition do I fall into this category?  Why is this a title a strongly Christian woman would choose to proclaim?  By the standards of medieval Europe my dear.  It’s a tad bit of our human past that is interesting to drag up to the surface, especially with the quickly approaching Halloween festivities.  Therefore, I would ask you to review this remaining post and decide if you too want to claim the awesome title of Witch if you are of the female persuasion.  Perhaps, you might want to applaud other women in you life to meeting up the standards of a Witch of yore.

We have many people to thank for the status in society we women as aspire now, as a posed to our past being know as little more than “the weaker sex” by our male counterparts.  Of course, some would argue, we still have mountains to climb for equality, but I think it is important to appreciate where we are, and occasionally revisit darker pieces of our past.

In our truly not so distant past, leaders of the Catholic Church decided to build a campaign against a threat which they thought formidable, by creating a new idea of evil.  This great enemy?  Women who acted as healers, midwives, or leaders.  Through a precise and systematic campaign, “men of faith” went forth as witch hunters with the blessing of the pope and murdered thousands of women all across Europe.  So little was understood of health and healing, that anyone who was successful at healing the sick without a means that could be derived from the bible was the hand of Satan himself.  If the bible didn’t explain it, it must be the work of the devil.  Darn those meddling women, using hundreds of years of accumulated lay knowledge to help their fellow-man.  Also seen as enemies of the church, any woman who stood out as a leader in her community.  They saw men as the clear ordained leaders of society ( convenient to over look the many women who had pivotal roles in scripture if power hungry men are in charge), so if they were followed and respected, they were clearly working for the devil.

Sound extreme?  Odd?  You bet it is, but history is full of seemingly odd decisions carried out by our ancestors.  So be proud fellow Witches, to be here today, not burned at the stake, on this upcoming All Hollowes Eve.  I am glad that I can follow my calling to serve others by acting as a care giver instead of running from an angry mob.  Go ahead and look for me next Monday, out with my family, I’ll be wearing my pointy black hat.