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What a ride it’s been, from fall till now.  My lack of writing has been largely due to financial cuts in the household (as in, we no longer have home phone or internet access).  We are doing alright though.  Most importantly, baby and I are doing quite well.  My subchorionic hemorrhage was deemed resolved by ultrasound at 18 weeks, and every appointment since that time has indicated steady and normal progression for the both of us.  This is one of a couple “white knuckle” weeks for me based on my history.  As well as things have gone, I still don’t forget my prenatal history.  With both of my kiddos, 28 was the week that the first signs of trouble reared it’s ugly head.  For my oldest, severe back pain sent me to the labor and delivery ward to monitor for preterm labor.  Labor it was not, but my first high blood pressure spikes were recorded, and while I didn’t know it, this was the first signs of the preeclampsia that developed from this time till her spontaneous delivery at 34 weeks.  With the boy, 28 was the week with my first round of preterm labor.  I didn’t dilated and the regular contractions were stopped effectively with an injection of terbutaline.  So I have found myself gripping my pens a little too hard, wondering each night what the next day may bring, and never leaving the house without my phone fully charged and my doctor’s number at hand.  Baby is fine, I am fine, but the doubt creeps in.  I know what it is like to not be fine.

Just two more days and I can breath a little easier with this milestone past.  I can greet 29 weeks with ease and new hope.  29 weeks.  I can do this.  Hang in there Babycakes.  We’re going to be fine, momma’s got this.