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I have a confession.  I have never participated in a true job hunt before.  Phew, glad that is off my chest!  I have been a combination of both extremely lucky and stubborn in my life.  In high school, I only applied to three jobs, and I got all three.  The first was a position as a program specialist at a Cub Scout camp.  The position ended with the summer.  Then, I obtained my life guard certification and my WSI (water safety instructor) and was hired immediately by the school district to teach community swim lessons.  The streak continued right up through the start of my professional career.  While completing my clinical rotations for my lab degree, the company offered me a position before I even graduated.  The online job application was a small formality for a position that I had already excepted.

So, here I find myself filling out endless applications and seemingly endless “No thank you”s.  It’s a little early to have any real worry attached to my constant search.  I am still waiting for my authorization to take the NCLEX exam to receive my license after all!  Still, this phase of rejection is new.

I guess all I have to say is that sometimes being a grown up is hard.