A subtle change has been occurring within our family this semester.  We are preparing ourselves for May, for my graduation.  In my time as a student, we have stepped out of social situations and waited on activities for the children.  We have been in coping mode.  We cope with lack of funds, lack of time, the burden of my stress adding to everyone else.  We hit “pause”.

But, like a Minnesotan in spring, we are starting to emerge from our hibernation.  A shift began to happen when both our children where in a full time style of care through the summer of 2012.  Since I worked 6 days a week over an hour from home, off they went.  The time was spent by Little Man in a preschool based program through the YMCA.  He loved it.  Five days a week of educational stimulation, high energy play, and bi-weekly access to the pool and splash pad.  What not for a 4 year old to love?  Also to his credit, my dear son is a morning person.  He does well being woken on an early schedule and starting his day with the rise of the sun.  (he did NOT get this gift from me)

Little One was split between the YMCA summer program and extended year school programming. January brought the start of her gymnastics career (length and seriousness yet to be determined by said little girl).  February saw the start of her swimming lessons, and we are discussing with her what she’d like to do over the summer.

As for my loving husband and myself, we have started to become more involved in church activities.  I attend a once monthly bible study with women from the 3 parishes that share our building.  The fellowship and diversity is energizing and life affirming.  I have started to sing in the choir again, and remember how much music can rub a salve into my wounded spirit when I am down.  I have started to get out of the house for more than homework, and it’s nice to rejoin the human race.

So, after nearly 3 years of living our lives on pause, we have pressed “play” once again.  I am cautious of our pace, and trying to take it slow.  At the same time I am reminded that some things never stopped.  My children have kept growing, and every year I am older and (hopefully) wiser.  So here we are world, a happy family having survived a major transition.  Party of 4, stepping back into reality.