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It’s time to write. I mean, really it is. I have two papers coming up (one is due this Sunday at 2259), and I have been experiencing a bit of writer’s block. Truth is, I really have no idea what the heck these papers are… I have only received partial instructions on the farther due dated paper, and I am still trying to formulate what the teacher is asking me to say on the one due Sunday.

I figured that time is getting desperate, so it’s time to use my first line of attack for writer’s block which is posting on this blog. I would love to tell you all about the amazing experiences I have been having in my clinical immersion this semester, but I can’t. It’s between me, my preceptor, and my patients. I CAN say that I have finally started to feel that I am gaining clinical skills. I have removed staples from C-section incisions, removed catheters (have yet to place one..), removed many saline locked IVs (have yet to place one…), and my assessment skills are improving every day. Best of all, my preceptor is an amazing resource for helping me to teach mothers to breastfeed. She is a breastfeeding resource nurse, and we spend a good portion of the shift supporting mothers in their efforts to breastfeed and hopefully send them home feeling confident and empowered. Well, I am pretty passionate about it. Enough about that.

In the home front we are hitting the phase in our children’s lives of being very busy. My daughter has started to attend gymnastics lessons once a week at a fabulous gym. She is excelling and thriving there. I love to see her glow from her sense of accomplishment and grow stronger every week. She needed this, something to be good at. She has also started swimming lessons once a week. She loves it when she gets in the water, but fights me the whole way out the door. Ugh, kids. I waited this long to put her in swimming for two main reasons. 1) I am a former swim instructor. No way I am paying for baby classes because they are mostly for teaching parents how to play safely with their baby in the water. I already know how, because I taught the class. 2) I can teach my kids just fine how to acclimate the water and float, kick, and blow bubbles. When they are young they still will listen to mom and dad. I did teach my girl to kick and float and dive under the surface, but now she is reaching the age where I try to teach her till I am blue in the face, but she will hear it clearly the first time from a stranger. Most kids learn stroke development from a teacher better than mom and dad. (yep, I observed this with my students as a swim teacher too) It seems I suddenly have very little time with my Little One, and it makes me sad. I spend many of my weekend days at clinical and now two of our week nights are busy. I knew this day would come, but I don’t have to like it.

As for my Little Man, he took two sessions of indoor soccer for 4-6 year olds through the YMCA this winter. My ever loving husband coached for him and I enjoyed seeing them have that time together. Little Man is no super star, but he does have a heap of natural talent for sports in general. It will be fun to watch him decide what he enjoys and develop that talent as the years go by. I can’t get over how much he has grown this year. I can’t believe he starts Kindergarten this fall!!!

Where has the time gone? Well not to writing my paper, but maybe I have knocked loose some of my mental blockage. It’s back to work time. To all of you in blogger land, remember to cherish the day. It will soon be gone.