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Well, I did it again. With the best of intentions, and plenty of time, I was down to the wire in completing my homework. I had a paper due to an online drop box and got it submitted with maybe a second to spare last night. I do better work under pressure, but I never like cutting it so close, and I get so frustrated with myself every time it happens. Make no mistake, it happens often.

My procrastinating behavior hearkens all the way back to my elementary school days when we diagnosed my learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. I have learned over the years how to work with my learning style and lack of focus to be the best student I can, but it still gets the best of me at times. It’s aggravating at best. I am not going to make myself promises I can’t keep about never doing that again. I know it will happen again, more than once.

The good news is that in just a few short months all these assigned papers that I never seem to know how to write will end. I will get to rejoin the multitudes of people who work for a living. My day-to-day challenges will shift from homework due dates and NCLEX prep back to job related stresses, matching work schedules to the kids’ schedules, and other “adult” problems. (well, that is the plan, we are praying I find work soon after graduation!!!) It’s helpful to remember,but doesn’t make these late night rushes to finish any easier right now. Well, we all have our own unique challenges. I seem to have scraped by once again. I hope you are rising above your own challenges more successfully than I. Happy Monday!