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I had my first clinical with my preceptor, and I couldn’t be happier with where I am! I am actually on the same unit that I spent 6 weeks on in my Junior year for my OB clinical. The result means that I feel like I have an idea about the way things are run and how to find what I need already. Better than the floor it’s self is the nurse who is mentoring me on the home stretch of my education. My favorite part is that it’s so obvious that she loves what she does. Not the money, the hours, or the location. (yes, those are good too…) but she loves her WORK. I see a person nearing retirement who still has the same passion for maternal newborn nursing that I feel, and it makes me hopeful, excited, and self assured.

I hope for myself, that I can navigate my career with the same dignity and grace, and with the same love of the job that this person has managed. I have so much to learn from her, and I am excited to be starting our work together. She will be helping me master my assessments of C-section incisions, newborn vitals, and computer charting. But, she is also mentoring me on frame of mind, involvement in professional organizations, and work/life balance.

Right now, I love what I do. I know if I am mindful of my family and my career, I will still be loving it in decades to come. Happiness is seeing a glimpse of your future and being excited for it.