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January began with a flush of excitement.  The fun was being home to walk my daughter to school, have time to make a nice dinner, and even learn a new hobby. I have been teaching myself to crochet as part of my master year-long plan to make small positive improvements and changes in my life.  However, with all the hustle and bustle of finishing up the holiday season and starting my little girl back to school, and finding time and resources to start her in gymnastics, and also keeping my little man in soccer, the start of my own final semester has brought reality crashing back down.

I have left my perch in the clouds where I could daydream of the year(s) ahead and now I am trying to narrow my focus so I can accomplish the daily tasks at hand.  It turns out my 2 credit course is going to be more work than the university definition of a 2 credit class load.  My 6 credit clinical focus class is going to be just that, 6 credits of work with 180 hours of immersion style clinical.  I am not done yet, my work is laid out for me, and I am working to fill in my planner with all the due dates and work plans to fit it in and keep my sanity in tack.

I am chugging along at the end of the track, but if I want to walk the stage and accept the diploma I have worked so hard to get, I have GOT to come back to earth and focus, focus, focus.  Day dreaming time is over.  It’s time to go to work.