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I haven’t written is quite some time.  It’s been so busy!  I took a big break from any  activities that took time from either my school work of my family this fall.  As a result, I had the highest semester GPA of my entire time back to school! 3.6 never felt so good.  I was extremely excited, but man, I have never worked that hard for class in my life.

I only had one writing intensive course, but I did more writing for all my classes than I had done to date.  I know that this semester will bring it’s own unique challenges and stresses,  but I hope that the majority of my undergrad writing is behind me now.  I wrote a large final paper for my anthropology class which was worth 70% of my grade (how was this NOT a writing intensive class?), I created my senior thesis, and I wrote extensively for my 6 credit clinical course as well.  Those 13 credits felt a lot more like 18.

Next week, I begin my final semester of my BSN program, and I couldn’t happier.  I will be taking a leadership course, as well as my second 6 credit clinical.  The nursing department was able to place me in my dream clinical, a birth center in a large hospital that has both Midwives, and high risk antapartum.  I should get the chance to be exposed to the full gamete of birth experiences from very healthy and totally natural, to emergencies, special circumstances.

I feel that if I apply myself and put my best foot forward, I will be well prepared for the work that lies ahead.  I am hoping that come May (yikes!) I will be a attractive potential employee candidate for any labor and delivery department in the state.  Along with working my butt off on my classes this semester, the terrifying job search will begin.  By the end of February, I plan to have my resume edited to my satisfaction, and a handful of references to be proud of.  Then, it’s application time!

It’s a big year ahead.  Graduation, employment (hopefully!), baby???? (God willing), new house???? (new to us anyhow).  The future has never looked brighter, or foggier.  It’s exciting, terrifying, unpredictable.  Happy 2013 everyone.  Thanks for coming on my journey thus far!