Here at camp Sunday is of course check in day for the weeks campers.  I arrive Sunday afternoon by 1, attend all staff meeting, remind the counselors of any health alerts and then I wait…  For soon, the campers pour in. 

I sit at my lunch table and receive all the medications that come from home, all the health forms, and all the authorizations to distribute my own stock of the over the counter meds for just about every girl.  I review all allergies and food restrictions, and ensure the kitchen staff is alerted to all the incoming dietary needs.  During the busiest times, some one else takes forms from girls who are coming without meds.  Then, my paperwork evening begins.

I create medication administration forms for every girl with meds, match health forms with the medication authorization forms put in alphabetic order and file, sort forms filled out by guardians with helpful information about each girl by counselor and create a cover sheet for each folder with a summary of important need to know highlights.  I distribute those folders to counselor mail boxes, and then, I can breathe.

At some point in this process I eat dinner and attend opening camp fire and distribute the scheduled evening medications.  Ah, Sunday.  Took me six hours to do these tasks the first week because it was all so new and I had to learn as I go.  Yesterday was a small triumph because I did all the paperwork for over 80 girls all before campfire! (under three hours of just this work)  Oh the little joys, seize them while you can.  I love my job.

Happy summer everyone!