I can’t believe it’s already the first week of July.  The camp season seems to have gotten off to a slow start compared to the schedules I have worked in the past.  The summer feels half gone, but we are hosting only our second week of campers. 

This camp.  Oh my, how different it is than the one I went to a small girl.  I actually got to spend some time at my childhood camp during our all staff training.  All the staff from our 5 counsel camps converged on one property for a chaotic week of training.  It was fun, exhausting, and had its own challenges.  But this camp, I am still getting to know.  I don’t have the trails memorized, and I still can’t believe the girls live in “dorm” buildings instead of outdoor based units. 

There are aspects of this place I am already finding myself attached to however.  Every piece of wilderness has its own personality and characteristics that make it identifiable and unique.  One trait that stands out is the hundreds of butterflies.  From the first time I turned down the dirt drive and saw blankets of small butterflies lift in to the air all around my car, I began to love this place.  The butterflies really are everywhere.  It’s common to walk down a sand and dirt path and suddenly be enveloped by them.  Magical.

This week is a hot one, so I am working in concert with the rest of the staff to keep our resident campers hydrated.  Summer heat waves and soaring humidity are here to stay for the summer.  Well, back to work.  Campers are calling.