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This is my first “real” post vacation day, and I am still glowing.  I am in the strange part of my summer now between finishing the semester and starting my summer job.  Make no mistake though, it’s a busy time.  I have to finish making summer daycare plans by Little One and Little Man, finish my on-line job training, get a couple big home improvement projects done, and make general preparations for starting work.  I finished the semester on such a good note, that I am down right giddy about being a senior student and envisioning graduation this time next year.

One of the best parts of vacation was getting some actual face to face time with my best friend.  She opened her home to the whole family, and let us run amuck.  We were talking one evening about transitions and changes, she has a couple big ones on her horizon as well.  Once I started talking about finishing school out loud, I realized how fast it’s going to come.  This time next year, we may be moving!  Who knows!

Ahh, the future.  It’s full of promise and mystery.  Well, for today, I’ll enjoy the present.  I’m finishing my veggie garden planting and unpacking our suitcases.  I’ll try to get a couple of my favorite pics posted for sharing tonight.  So hard to pick when we did so much!  The best two places for me were just being at home with my friend, and Niagara Falls.  Hope you have sunshine and joy in your life to today.