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That is it.  It’s over.  Junior year is officially over, even if I am still waiting for one final grade.  I was really worried about two exams going into finals.  I had a big final for my advanced medical surgical adults class, and an ATI exam that had a very small impact on my grade, but mattered an awful lot to my ego.  I came through with both meeting my expectations.  The most important fact is.  I PASSED EVERY THING!  I AM A SENIOR NOW!  It is impossible to explain the weight lifted from my shoulders, and the relief I feel over all.

The ATI exams I take are from an online resource for nursing students.  The material and exams are ment to specifically prepare the student to take and pass the NCLEX certification exam.  At the end of each large class, we take the ATI that matches the closest, and see how we are tracking for the NCLEX.  Please note, my teachers do not “teach” to this exam, but we have the resources needed to study for it on our own.  The grading is also a little strange.  You can get a 0-3.  Three means you are going to pass this section of the NCLEX no problem, a 2 means you will do well, a 1 means study hard, a 0.. well… NOT GOOD.  Up till this semester I have gotten a 3 in fundamentals, a 3 in obstetrics, and a 2 in pediatrics.  This semester I had to take Public Health, Adults (could the topic be any broader??), and mental health.  I was worried about all of these, but I came out with a 2 in every category!  I am one supper happy Mama.  I proved to myself that I can do this, I know this, I am going to pass the NCLEX.  Sure I need to study my butt off, but I have a good foundation.  I will be OK.

Yep, I am going to be OK.