One of my greatest joys is traveling.  Just like the majority of American’s, our family is limited in our travel by both our finances and our vacation time.  Just for fun, I wanted to make a list of all the places I hope to go, either with just my husband, our whole family, or our extended family.  I don’t believe that fulfilling this list will ever be possible, but we are going to have fun trying.  🙂  This list is not exhaustive.  I would be too long!  I will keep editing it also.  I may just come back and eliminate all the text and make it a straight list so I can get more in.  What are your “must do” destinations?  I’d love to hear about your list too!

As a side note, I would like to note that most of the trips within the continental United States and Canada would be car trips for us.  I do like to fly, but I like to experience the road side culture even more.  (plus, I am pretty thrifty and able to keep our trips in a tight budget by car when needed)  Plus, I started my educational career in Geology, and still have a love for appreciating the amazing geologic history that can be viewed from the highway.   I am going to be that nerdy mom who makes travel packets for my kids with geological survey information, as well as Native and American history. (when did this area become a territory and a state, did any battles happen here, what tribes call this area home…) We stop at historical markers, love a good museum, and try to really notice the natural areas we pass.  There are times to fly, but when I can, I will drive.

Trips for the whole family

Banff Canada: I have had the pleasure of stopping here as a teenager, but I would love to go back and share it with my whole family.  It’s a place not too be missed.  However, if my husband and I had the chance to go just to two of us, that would be great too!

RV starting from home to California:  Yes, I am going to force my kids to endure a trip in a big RV with mom and dad across the western United States.  I hope we can do this in about six years, but time will tell.  I want to stop at some of the great National Parks as we travel.  The list would include The Bad Lands (been here a few times), Yellow Stone, The Grand Canyon, and the great Red Wood Forests.  I would hope to keep our lodging mostly to state and national parks so we can really see the land.

Disney Land:  We have had the pleasure of being to Disney World as a family, and I hope to go again, but I’d also like to see Disney Land once.

Colorado:  I have been here a few times, and we were here last as a family when my older brother was married three years ago.  Still on the list is White water rafting as a family, family ski trip, and a quiet extended stay at the hot springs for just the hubby and me.

Washington:  I want to make a family hiking trip to the National Park here.  I’d like to see the northwestern coast line as well.

Two Months in Europe:  My husband and I both hope to take a long trip to Europe when the kids are teenagers.  We have a pretty spread out cultural heritage, and my husband still knows family in Sweden. (they sent us a wedding gift!).  I’d love to take some time visiting all the places we have come from and not be rushed.  England, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and France.

Hawaii:  This one makes two lists, with the kids and without.

BWCA:  The Boundry Water Canoe Area is a precious treasure on the border of Canada and Minnesota.  This is definitely not a new destination, but we need to go at least twice as a family.  I want to give my kids the gift of experiencing the wild woods without the pollution of light and sound of our modern world.  Just canoes on the water, and tents in the woods.  Good old-fashioned hard days work with endless rewards.

Washington D.C.: This is a trip I will defer until the kids are teens.  Two weeks to take in the Smithsonian, the national library, and all the monuments would be fantastic.  I want to wait until the kids can really spend time in the extensive museums, and have something that is really interesting to them to see.  When they (hopefully) start developing some passions for history, science, or anything else the Smithsonian has to offer then this trip will actually be appreciated and remembered.  I have had two separate days here in the past, and I really want to go back and not be hurried.  Some day…

Thunder Bay, Canada:  Just because.  Yep, just because.

Assateague Island:  The famed Island of “wild horses” descendant from horses stranded there by a ship wreck.  A camping trip here would be pretty amazing.  My daughter would be in horse heaven, and I love to camp near the coast.

The North Shore of Minnesota:  We travel here when we can, and this destination will NEVER be crossed off the list.  Few places restore my soul and offer me a feeling of “I am Home” more than the Superior north shore.  Wild, gorgeous, clean, wooded, perfection.

Just the Two of us:

I’d love to visit Europe again with just my husband and I.  We had our Honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise, and I want to go back!  I’d love more time in Italy, the French countryside, and Greece.  I would definitely be open to doing by boat again, as long as we had more time to roam around Italy before getting on the boat, and more money for excursions to see more on the port stops.

Hawaii:  This one is schedule for our 10th anniversary in two years!!!  I can’t wait!!!

New Orleans:  I have been here a few times before, but I can’t get enough of the place my dad spent his childhood.  We need to go back and spend some time relaxing in one of the French Quarter B&Bs.  I’m not really the Mardi Graus type, but the everyday atmosphere of the French Quarter is heaven.

Chicago:  Shame on me for driving past the windy city multiple times, but never venturing in.  I have sailed through those numerous tolls over and over when headed other places, but never pulled off the highway.  I’d love to take a train from Minneapolis with my Husband and spend a long weekend seeing what the city has to offer.  Sooner or later, it will happen.

Vermont:  A fall foliage trip hoping around a couple B&Bs would be a nice escape indeed.  I am pretty partial to the fall colors of the Superior north shore, but willing to see what Vermont has to offer too.

Bora Bora:  I have seen those pictures of huts over the blue water and I am intrigued.  I want to experience THAT!