There are several reasons why I have not been writing lately.  The most obvious is of course the time crunch at the end of the semester.  I am pretty bogged down, treading water… mostly.

The next three weeks are going to be a whirl wind of study time, finishing major writing projects, and preparing for both our family vacation and my summer job.  I also have not been writing to be sure that I comply with HIPPA.  Most of the thoughts tumbling through my head are related to my clinical rotations, so I feel like I shouldn’t say what those thoughts really are.  I will take a moment to share one quick moment from clinical because there is no conflict of patient confidentiality.

I am currently working my way through my mental health rotation, and I had one day to observe the outpatient care program.  The highlight of the day was sitting in a well led group that a nurse headed.  The topic was Self compassion versus self-esteem.  The point was that while there is nothing wrong with self-esteem, it is self compassion that we all need most of all as human beings.  Self compassion means not allowing negative self talk to ourself that we would never say to another person.  Would you call your friend stupid and mean it?  Would you call your mother fat or ugly?  Then why do so many people say these things to themselves on a regular basis?  I have been pretty hard on myself trying to get through this semester, but what good does that do me?

Be kind to yourself.  Put a little self compassion in your life.  Put aside the negativity and focus instead on being proactive and productive.  I certainly am trying.