I have held off on a public announcement of my summer plans, as I waited for the official paper work.  I wanted to be sure that it was actually happening, that the offer was real.  I just signed my offer agreement, so I think that is about as real as it gets!  For the summer of 2012, from the second week of June, to the third week of August, I will be employed by the Girl Scouts of America!  I am going to be the Health Director of one camp, about an hours drive from my home.  I have a job!

This is the first opportunity I have had to put my nursing skills to work for a paycheck.  It is really important to me to begin building a resume for my graduation, and this job is going to help separate me from my class mates.  I am looking forward to working with one of my favorite populations, healthy young women and girls.  I can not even explain how excited I am for the chance to share my experience and knowledge with hundreds of campers this summer.

Although this is my first time to work under a nursing title, it is a return to the beginning career wise for me.  My very first paying job was at a Cub Scout camp, teaching knot tying and fire building.  I have worked to three summers at two different camps, not counting the summers as a girl that I volunteered as a Girl Scout Caddy.  I decided the best way to start over, was to return to the start.  I will write more for another day.