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Here it is March already! My birthday has come and gone, the breath of winter is still upon us, and the current weather is typical of a “in like a lion” spring. Here in the land of 10,000 lakes it can be a blizzard one day, and 60 degrees and sunny the next.  Me and Little ManA quick look over my schedule assures me that this month is going to fly by at full speed.  Next week is my spring break (what, already!), then my husband is absent for 4 days the following week for work, and then it’s spring break for my daughter.  Then, march is pretty much over!

In that time I also have a mountain of work to wade through.  I am knee-deep in my research paper, but making steady progress, and my adults class keeps me on my toes.  My other course work jumps up to complicate my life, but I have become accustom to balancing multiple projects at this point.  School is crazy, home life is busy, but I am so happy to be where I am.  March will come, it will go, and I will be nearly finished with my Junior year of nursing.  where the hell did the time go.

I have my figurative hunting gear on, as I hunt down the scary loins that pursue me this month: dead lines, commitments, sick children.  I will succeed.  I hope that you are tackling the transitions in your life alright.  Here we are from winter to spring, and all the other changes that we deal with month to month.