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In class yesterday, we “blew away January”.  We have a breathing exercise at the beginning of Theory and Research which is actually a highlight of my week.  Seated, we plant our feet firmly on the ground, raise our arms above our head and take a moment to breath in and out.  It’s grounding, refreshing, and revitalizing.  I wouldn’t say that there was any time where I felt overwhelmed this month, but it hasn’t exactly been a breeze either.  Blowing away the month gave me a moment to reflect on what I have dealt with and over come this month.  I am glad to be passed those thing and moving forward.

This has been the month of money and sickness for our family.  We are so fortunate to be a healthy family.  We are grateful to not have any chronic illnesses, or even prescription glasses to pay for.  Not having expected medical expenses makes the payments we do have seem a little more ugly and surprising.  I had a late evening trip to the emergency room with my Little One to rule out a broken leg.  I was pretty certain she was fine, but I had enough doubt that I didn’t trust my gut, and brought her in for X-rays.  She was misbehaving at bed time.  My two peanuts share a room, and bedtime has been a little loud and unruly lately.  They stay up playing and talking after we put them down.  That night was no exception, and when the noise got louder, I walked in the room to tell them to be quiet AGAIN, tuck them in AGAIN, and turn off the light AGAIN.  Little One was on Little Man’s loft bed, and when the door opened, she knew she was caught, and tried to get down fast.  She missed the first rung of the ladder, and flew quite gracefully through the air till she landed on her shin.  Screaming,crying, and generalized drama followed.  She didn’t break it, but it took a nice chunk out of our HSA account to cover the ER bill.

It has also been a month of money drama.  I was informed that the college made a mistake on my financial package, and took back 1,600 of my grant money.  Oh.  joy.  I filled 1,400 of the gap with an additional federal loan, and then I got even more fun news.  I will be reaching my limit on federal school loans next semester without meeting the cost of the semester.  I have two semesters left.  Double joy.  Looks like we have more creative money management ahead of us.  I am still in the running for a summer job which will have to pay into my next semester it seems.  I am also starting a journey of extensive scholarship application writing.  I am hoping to bridge the gap for next year.  I am so close!  I will make it, I know it, but it is going to be trickier than I planned.

I have faith that faith will see us through.  I have faith that hard work and dedication will pay off.  I see the end of this journey, but I still have a long ways to go.  Good Bye January.  Time to get down to some serious work.