My last two class days have been extra early, and in bad driving conditions.  It has added a half hour to the morning commute, and today alone we left the house a full our earlier than normal to see if I could get Little Man to daycare, and me to class on time.  I was close, only 5 min late, but I have no control over traffic, so I try to just accept my arrival times for what they are.  On top of that, I had to drag along my Little One too, as she had no class today.  She was a good sport though, and Little Man’s daycare invited her to stay so that I didn’t have to drag her my lecture.

Mornings however, are just not my time to shine.  To be perfectly honest, I am not sure I would ever make it to campus on time if my husband was not fully running the show at our home each and every morning.  Thank the Lord I fell in love with a morning person.  We are a great team, because we fill in deficiencies for each other, and he definitely rules King in the AM.  Caution, if you read this next part, you may envy me and find me totally spoiled.  Envy is understandable, and I am fully aware of how spoiled I am, so here goes.

Every morning my husband wakes up before me.  He turns on the TV in the living room and has a bowl of cereal while having a quiet moment to himself and checks the traffic and weather reports.  Then, he wakes me up, asks what I’d like for breakfast, and turns on the bedroom TV to help me start to wake up.  Then (yes, really) he brings me breakfast in bed, every morning.  It’s nothing fancy, cold cereal or microwaved oatmeal, but he does it, just for me, every day.  Once I have my breakfast, he wakes the kids, dress them, and puts them on the coach with their blankets.  Then we both get ready, he makes sure I don’t forget anything crucial ( like my bus pass or my computer), and we each take a kid and head out to the car.  Like clock work.  It’s amazing.

Why do I love my husband?  More reasons than I can count.  Is morning a big reason why?  Not really.  Why, because he is my partner, my equal, my soul mate.  Our morning routine is just a reflection of that.