Here it is, the first day of a brand new semester.  I am still getting acquainted with my schedule, and trying to figure out what kind of course work I am going to be tackling.  I would appear to me that a large chuck of my time will once again be focused on my clinical hours.  Now that I am entering my Adult rotations, there is a greater emphasis on preparing for my clinical day about 24 hours in advance.  I have a friday clinical day, and no classes on Thursday, however, I will be buried in the electronic medical record of my patient and researching all of that person’s medications, medical orders, and diagnosis.  Hopefully, my hospital background can aid me in deciphering the vast amount of information quicker and more efficiently.  (well, I can hope)

On a more personal note, the whole family had a great time celebrating the wedding of my brother-in-law, and his lovely new wife.  My husband was the best man, my kids were ring bearer and flower girl, and I was… me.  I was asked to do a reading for the couple in the eleventh hour, and I was happy to lend a hand.  I wasn’t an official part of their day, but kept very busy chasing kids down, running the flowers out to the wedding party that arrived a little late for the photos, and other various popping up necessities.  Errand girl is one of my specialties.

I’ll be posting my course credit list later, but I am excited to be taking my lowest credit load since starting my program, only 14!  Hopefully that will pan out into even further academic success.  I have come to fully apply myself, and be the best sponge I can be.  I don’t have quite the time of the younger undergrads living near campus, but they have less of an advantage as more and more of them are adding more work hours to their weeks.  Not really the same as being a full-time mom (though, I am not the only parent in the program), but more students are feeling the crunch of a fuller life schedule.

That is all for today!  Let the work begin!