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Today, there is a little man on campus, and he’s mine.  It’s a big day for both of us, first day of school!  I had hoped to find daycare close to home, but was unsuccessful.  So last friday I drove onto campus with both my kiddos in tow desperate to find a child care close to class.  I only needed to find a place for my son because my little girl is starting Kindergarten this year!  (oh, where did the time go) I was (thank the Lord!) triumphant.  So today, at 6:45am, I got myself ready for my first day of class.  Meanwhile, my husband woke up the little man and dressed him for his first day of daycare.  I scooped him up, dropped him into his car seat, and we both headed to the park and ride to the U of M.  One bus transfer later, and a two block walk, we arrived at his new day time digs.  They received him with open arms and smiles, and I walked the 10 blocks over to my class room building.  There were no tearful goodbyes.  Just hugs, well wishes, and big wet kisses.

I can’t believe how different my first day this year looks from my first day last year.  Today, I was ready.  I did miss the first bus I wanted to catch, but it was not big deal.  We had plenty of time to spare.  There was no hurried rush to double-check room assignments or class times.  No drama of what to do or where to go.  I was a little worried about how a three-year old boy would do on a crowded hour-long commute, but everything went very well.  My purpose, my confidence, and my preparedness are all on key this year.  So here I sit, brand new computer in hand, waiting for the day to start.  This going to be a good year, I just know it.