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Yesterday I took my son to the Doctor’s office for his annual check up. By the time his appointment ended, he was spirited and spunky. He raced ahead of me for the door back to the lobby, and opened it all by himself. He is such a big boy now. Then with great care, and great noise, he made his way through the small waiting area to the exit. I walked behind just a bit, admiring him for who he is. I also had the pleasure of having a brief moment of understanding with two moms as we passed by. The first was older than me, sitting beside her teenage son. She looked at Little Man with a knowing smile, and glanced at me and back to her nearly grown son. Her smile said, “I remember those days. It doesn’t seem so long ago.” Then we passed a younger mother holding a newborn. He was all swaddled up in a delicate blue blanket. She too, smiled at us both. Her glance said, “I can’t believe those days are coming, and I can’t wait.”

For all the moms, on what ever part of the journey you are on, it’s just nice sometimes to know you are not alone. We are all in this together, even if just in passing.