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The time before the start of the semester is dwindling down quickly.  For awhile, I was hardly sleeping at night, worrying about all the details to work out before the start of the school year.  I have made headway on that, and our quickly approaching vacation.  So, I am sleeping better, and also busy with canning for the winter.  I have one major detail left to work out, child care.  I am still looking for a home daycare to watch my son and possibly my daughter before and after her kindergarten class.  I am also trying to secure payment assistance for childcare.  Most of my recent efforts to get things done have been applied to our vacation.

In less than two weeks, we get on a plane at 6am with my parents bound for Disney world.  It’s a trip that we can’t really afford, but desperately need.  I pride myself on my ability to get the most for the least amount.  I am a bit of a frugal queen.  The deal we are getting for this vacation is no exception.  We are purchasing special military discount tickets when we arrive (my dad has served in the reserves for the past 30 years, and been deployed to Iraq twice), and also booked our on-site hotel for a discount.  All together, we are saving over $2,000!  Still not a cheap, but after all the stressors and changes thrown at our little family, we could use a break from reality.

I feel a little  pulled between finding the best price on my text books, and sewing my daughter’s princess dresses for the trip.  (ok, they are already made, and half store-bought over the last couple years, but they need alterations, repairs, and some TLC to make them more comfortable.)  The last couple days I have also been totally occupied by my usual ending of summer ritual.  Canning.  In fact, this is all I am writing for now because the dill sandwich pickles wont make themselves.  Yesterday, I canned seven quarts of garlic dill pickles, six half pints of sweet relish, and five pints of dilly beans.  I am hoping to finish pickling and move on to jams today.  One thing at a time!  Can, find daycare, get school supplies, clean the house, hold a garage sale to raise more money for Disney,… tired yet?  I am.

That is all for now, this Cinderella has some work to do.