As I have stumbled my way through life, I have made it to the bottom of my proverbial rope many times.  With so much experience in this type of situation, I have learn how to enjoy the low points for what they are, hang on, and swing.  Ask anyone you know, and some of the most challenging times of their life are also filled with some of their happiest memories.  I was glancing back at a few of my old post, and saw that I had mentioned failing out of college as a traditional freshmen over a decade ago.  I still carry that failure around with me.  It brings down my current GPA, because my first experience was on a University of Minnesota campus.  If I can bring my cumulative GPA up to 3.0, it will be a major acomplishment, since I started my pre-admission classes with a GPA of 0.2 (and yes, that is my goal, I am currently at 2.45!).  But, when I didn’t know where to turn, and my life lacked direction, it still went forward.  I never really gave up, I just didn’t know what to do next.  I lacked a plan.  Just when I was truly giving up on hope, I met my husband.

It was one of the lowest points of my life, but the night I met him, I fell in love.  Just like a cliché, it was love at first sight.  I knew from the moment he opened the door, that my life had changed forever, I just didn’t know exactly how.  We were young, and both not doing very well in our own pursuits, but we discovered something in that first year.  We were better people together than we were apart.  We gave each other inspiration, motivation, and hope for a happy future.  We wanted the same kind of life, and with each other’s support, we found the courage to start over and do it right.  He left the university, and enrolled in a two-year drafting program.  I discovered the field of medical lab and picked a two-year college as well.  In the span of 24 short months, we went from two people without a plan, to a happy couple with focus and a future.  We were starting our programs, engaged, planning a wedding, and talking about where to we would live, where we would work, and when we wanted to start a family.  Two years later we graduated, bought our house, married, and became pregnant with our daughter.   Four magical, busy, and wonderful years.

Here we are again in a span of three intense years.  Three lean years when we are always just short for the month, making every last everything stretch just a little farther.  But still, we are happy.  My kids don’t quite understand how broke we are, so the strain is not as hard on them.  We try to shield them from the collector calls and the money discussions.  The stress gets to me at times.  I have had my share of sleepless nights, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And this whole summer I have been trying my best to make the most of my summer off.  I am home more than I ever thought I would be while my two kids are small.  Another bonus in my life.  I feel as luck on these hot afternoons watching my daughter play soccer as I did when I knocked on the door of a friend’s house, and his room-mate, my husband, opened the door instead.  This whole summer is a gift, but it is flying by.  I am swinging with all my might, but also starting to prepare for the coming school year. 

One year down, two to go.  Hang on tight.  The world is spinning, the time is flying, and I feel like the next time I look around I will be standing in line for my diploma.  I know I will get there, and it will be because of the support that my husband gives me everyday, and the belief he has in me.  When my debit card gets denied at the grocery store, the kids and I just go to the park.  This time is temporary, and we will not always be broke.  It is all about perseverance and perspective.  So, if you are at the end of your rope too, just lay back, and swing.