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Today’s random campus quote was picked up this last Monday.  I had a dinner function on campus for my spring scholarship, and my husband was able to join me for the presentation.  Being thrifty like we are, he was able to locate some free parking on the outside of Dinky Town.  It was a long way, but in beautiful weather, a walk is always welcome.  As we were strolling through Dinky Town on our way back to the car we passed two young men who were carrying on a lively conversation.  I caught only think one line.  It was random and made me smile.  I have to admit, it would have been interesting to actually hear the rest of the story.

Guy one say to guy two, “So me and some of the rest of the guys were at (insert name)’s place drinking.  Let’s just admit right now that is the first thing wrong with this story.”  Comment was followed by laughter.

Must have been a pretty good night, but in the very least, a pretty good story.