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I get annoyed at the time wasted when life is disorganized and I get forgetful.  When I am stressed and my time is totally taxed, I have a tendency to throw my short-term memory out the window.  Lately the loss of much of my short-term memory has led to multiple trips back and forth both in my house and around campus.  It’s frustrating beyond belief.  I wish I could just get it right the first time!

Case in point.  I took a lovely frozen pot pie to school with me today.  I did not take a fork, in fact when I walked out the door this morning it never occurred to me I may need one.  I did realize I was forkless until after I put my beloved chicken confection into the microwave.  So, I had to race back to the perfect little study spot I had just rigged up, pack up my books and computer, dash out of the nurse lounge, up the stairs, down two halls the equivalent of three city blocks, steal a fork from the “Inside/Out Cafe”, speed walk back down the halls, down the stairs and back to the microwave where my little happy lunch awaited.  Oh fork, that was a little too much effort after doing homework last night till midnight. 

Maybe tomorrow I can save myself the lunch dash and just pack a sandwich.