I am pretty darn proud of myself today.  I accomplished the seemingly impossible, I have begun to learn the underground campus tunnel system.  This may not seem like much, but it’s a huge accomplishment in my eyes.  If someone dropped you in the basement of the Mayo building and asked you to find you way out, you might start hyperventilating too, like I did my first time through.  I don’t know every tunnel and every building, but I have learned how to get where I need to go with as little outside time as possible.  I love to be outside, but if you know anything about Minnesota weather, it’s that it’s always changing.  It is beautiful right now, but cold and high winds and snow are coming sooner than later.  Plus, the fall so far has been raining and cold.

The twin cities campus of the University covers two sides of a river, and two cities.  I am pretty fortunate that all my classes are in the same city and on the same side of the river.  My Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes are at the very back of the campus mall in the historic Bell Auditorium.  It’s fun to be in a place where so many have come before you.  It’s beautiful, but also one of the furthest points from the medical area of campus.  Everything else I do is in the medical campus and it can seem like an endless walk to make it back here.  I like to come to the nursing lounge everyday to eat my lunch and review my workload, and get done as much home work as I am able.  In the wonderful crisp fall air, the outside walk from the student union to the medical area, a mere few blocks, is a delight.  However, it will be long and bitter when the wind chill kicks in.  Therefore I have tried to think ahead and now know how to go from the student union to the lounge with out once setting foot outside.  I can also navigate from the first campus mall building to the Bell auditorium with only small moments of confusion under ground.

I’m ready now for the snow to fly!  Well, not really, but at least I will know how to get around without freezing!  I guess it’s my first realization that I am starting embrace the school mascot in my own way.  Gophers, after all, are underground animals.  They love their tunnels, and now, so do I.