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Since February of 2009, I have been without a car.  It’s been an inconvenience, and annoyance, but just a fact of life.  I had a wonderful four cylinder Ford Escape.  It was easy to strap my kids into their car seats, fun to drive and just a good size for our family.  The smaller engine was great because we don’t haul or transport large anything and the gas mileage was fantastic.  However, it was a lease, and we couldn’t afford to purchase my beloved little truck.  So we said good-bye and back to the dealership it went.  We planned to add a second car again soon but then we were struck by a chain of events that has been never-ending for financial hits.  So, by trying to live within our means I have been without a vehicle.

Therefore, every weekday morning, my loving husband drops me off at the bus stop, I climb aboard, and off I roll to Minneapolis.  It’s been two weeks of adjustments figuring out which stop I am going to be dropped off at, which time I get on, how to get home, and just getting a realistic handle on a schedule.  I have begun to see the different personalities of each bus driver, and the atmosphere of each schedule.  I also ride two different providers because I am dropped off in one city, but go home to another.

I am liking my quiet mornings.  My bus to campus is big and plush and easy to relax on.  I can close my eyes and feel the gentle rocking and gauge where we are by how much braking and turning we are doing.  I am also enjoying one morning driver who quietly announces each time we broach west bank, ” Now entering Gopher country”.  As each piece of my transit becomes more familiar, it also gets more comfortable.  One of the afternoon drivers gives us facts of the day as we roll into the transit station.  How else would I have known that Wednesday was national peanut day, or that Fiona Apple was celebrating her 30th birthday?

So far, the bus is a pretty happy low key place and I hope it stays that way.  Happy transit riding to all the rest of you out there in cyberland.