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A girl and her brothers

God blessed me by placing me in the care of my very capable parents.  He challenged me by also giving me brothers.  When I was about seven years old, if you asked me if I had any brothers or sisters, I always had the same response,”I have two brothers, and the worst possible way!  I have an older brother to pick on me, and a little brother to annoy me!”  As time went by, the answer changed to “I have two brothers, in the best possible way.  I have an older brother to protect me, and a younger brother to annoy.”  Now as an adult, I can appreciate the benefits of having my brothers in my life in a whole new way.

I spent my time being sad that I didn’t have a sister, but never for long.  I had great girl friends in my life to play with, and deep down I am a pretty hard core tom boy anyway.  I could throw on my favorite colored headbands and plastic bead necklaces and then dig in the dirt, build forts, and climb trees with my brothers at my side.  My favorite grandmother always called me a little lady.  That was true.  I loved to play at being proper and lady like, but I liked tearing it up with the boys just as well.  I figured that I was just never ment to have sisters when I first met the love of my life.  On the first night we met, we talked about our families while getting to know each other.  When we talked about siblings, we had almost the same exact response.   I said I had an older and younger brother.  My husband is the oldest of three boys.

Since that time three of our four brothers have paired off with someone they love.  Both of my brothers are now married, and I couldn’t be happier to have two wonderful and warm hearted women join our little family.  My husband’s next youngest brother has a very serious girlfriend that we have come to know and love.  The youngest, well, he is still young.  So now that I am older, I do have some sisters to share my life with.

However, back to me and my brothers.  It would be fair to say that we all three are competitive in our own ways.  We have not really directly competed, like in a sport, but we each do a little better in our own pursuits, and one siblings success drives another onward.  I was the first to get a college degree when I graduated from St Paul Tech with my AAS in MLT.  My older brother soon after finished and was the first to hold a bachelor’s degree, his is in aviation.  Then my younger brother was the first to get his bachelors in the traditional four year trackm, his in film directing.  Our intrests couldn’t be more differant, but the will to succeed is the same.  One push to the next, to the next.  Do better, do more.

I am on a new push again to do better, do more.  I see my younger brother pushing the limits of his musical career, he is trying to do more too.  I look to see what my older brother will do next.  We are no longer little kids who pester and bother each other.  We can now respectfully rejoice in one another’s accomplishments.  But still, it drives one forward.  I’m taking a leap brothers, are you with me?