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Enjoying a pre-school year lazy day as a family

I suddenly find myself in the last stretch of time before school starts, and it’s a bit terrifying. I still have some basic tasks to complete that have to wait until I finally see a paycheck again. On the list is purchasing books, buying my E Book (I’m going with Sony), and ordering my student scrubs and lab coat.

I find myself with enough time now to wonder who my class mates will be. It would be fair to say that I have over researched the BSN degree, as I tend to soak up as much information as I can find before making big decisions. According to the national statistics, the average age of a BSN student is 31, and most (no surprise here) are women. I find myself wondering still if I’m going to be the “old lady” of the group. I think that the average accounts for RNs who are in school part-time to finish their last classes for the BSN. I would think that most people on the traditional four year track are much younger.

I took my CPR for healthcare providers class early this summer. It was offered by the university, and about 80% of the students there that day were part of the BSN program. I felt so OLD sitting in that room! The only other woman in the room who may have been my senior was living in an apartment downtown with a boyfriend. That is a far cry from the responsibilities I shoulder as a wife and mother of two. Most of the rest were under the age of 25, and traditional track college students that had changed their major.

It makes me wonder how I will fit in, what will they think of me, what will I think of them? I am there to do the work, get the education we are paying dearly for, and make professional connections. My motivations are maybe a little different from a 23 year old who has never before held a job with a 401K attached. When I was that age I was graduating with my Associates degree and getting married. By 24 I was a mother, and now that I am approaching 30, I’m starting my career track over from scratch. I remember that the students in my MLT degree were from all walks of life. At that time, I was the youngest, and the oldest was over 40. They were from all different job backgrounds, and even all over the globe. One of the women who was around 40 years old was a little bit like our ring leader, and one we often sought out for advice. Will that be the role that I am walking into now? When I was 23, 30 seemed pretty far away, so I am sure I will seem pretty old to these young girls too.

I’m having some butterflies in my tummy (yeah, I say tummy, I’m a mom!) but hoping for the best. Maybe I have some new great friends awaiting that I can add to my set of amazing people I already know and love who share my life. Maybe I’ll meet someone new who inspires me in a whole new way. Very likely there will be someone new to compete with. After all, a little competition makes the world go around. I can sit around and wonder all I want, but I wont know anything until orientation day! September 2 is fast approaching, am I ready? I’ll just have to wait and see!