To be fair, the title is not 100% correct. The house we live in and pay a mortgage for is not for sale. However, if you were to tell me that you were in love with my house and willing to pay for its full value, I could pretty easily be persuaded to sell. The house I’m talking about is our maybe someday house. The one we’ve fantasized about since we first started dating. We imagined our babies there, our dog in the yard, and filled the walls with our wonderings. Have you ever had that house you drive by and pretend you live there? For nearly ten years, my husband and I have driven by one house in particular almost every time we stop down to the city of Northfield. We slow the car way down and drink in the view of what could be in our minds. I’ve planned the outside Christmas decorations, decided what rooms must be behind each window, and made designs for where the gardens should be. It’s been a wonderful and private little fantasy or ours, just me and my husband.

We drove down to visit just this past sunday, and as we rolled past, we saw the only thing we didn’t expect, a for sale sign. Our house is for sale! The first words out of my mouth were, “But it’s three years too soon!” We are in a lock down pattern for conserving all and any money we might have to survive my schooling on the financial front. We have even considered selling our house just to move somewhere with a much lower mortgage. But buying this house, so far from campus, and currently way out of our budget is not even really up for discussion.

Of course, one of the first things we did was check the listing and cringe a little over the list price, and then carefully look over every picture posted. It was a moment that “our house” both closer and farther way than it has ever been. Someone else will have to buy our house and keep it safe for us until my schooling doesn’t require me to be downtown five days a week, till my husband could entertain the idea of finding a job that isn’t in the far western suburbs of the twin cities, and my salary begins to match my taste. So for now, we’ll just continue to drive by, maybe be lucky enough to catch an open house to round out our day dreams, and sleep every night under the same safe little roof we’re shared since our wedding.

Have a wonderful existence far away house, we’ll meet again someday!